Online Supplementary Classes (OSC)

Building on from your regular drum lessons, the OSC is a powerful platform for growth that strongly reinforces you on what you have been taught in class. It is a platform where you can directly obtain tested and proven grooves, fills and develop your drumming direction by drawing from your instructors personal vocabulary on your own time, wherever you are. The OSC is also a platform for us to engage with our students through contests and giveaways to reward our students and motivate them. .

Being the first Drum school in Singapore to launch such a platform, you can expect to see direct application of the techniques you have learned in class through self learning, multi angled recordings together with transcriptions. You can also expect to play-along with some of your favorite songs with an arcade-style visual guide on top of your regular note reading (visual guide only applicable to Level 1 songs). A special revision module with animations for all the theory concepts learned in class are also included should you need some revision on your theory.

The process of finding your own sound and applying the technical rudiments and concepts is an uphill task for most students. Through the OSC, we hope to change that by showing you how the results of what you have learned in class will look like when it comes to fruition.

*Materials will be open for all students of DrumTannery regardless of where you are in your journey.”

More than 100 Exercises

On top of our regular syllabus for you to explore

Arcade Style

Visual Guide for Beginner Level 1 songs

Theory Module

For students to revise with fully animated explanation guide

Recent OSC Event

Time-limited Event 1 – Module C

When we first decided to close operations due to the escalation of the Covid-19 (no 28th Mar), we decided to create something fun for the students to collaborate and play along. We wrote a percussion piece and broke it down to 4 exercises (2 for practice leading up to 2 for the actual piece) and named it Module C. This was one of the first few contents and the first ever time-limited event in our OSC system. We chose a couple of students submission and did a compilation video.

Each student who completes the event also gets to receive a free pair of sticks from us! Watch out for our next event soon!

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