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Ignite your passion for music and learn how to drum with us in a one-on-one drum lesson specially for adults, using a proven syllabus since 2010.
Being one of the top drum schools in Singapore, we have over 100 positive reviews of our lessons, trusted by hundreds of students each year to deliver the best drum education in Singapore.

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trusted by hundreds of working professionals to provide you with the best drum lessons in Singapore

100% success rate with our students over the past decade.

Gaining our experience since 2010, most adult learners with us are beginners, ranging from young adults to retired seniors, trained professionals like lawyers, doctors, or entrepreneurs. The secret to our success is our ability to use different lesson plans to cater to your goals and learning speed. We maintain a 100% success rate for our adult students to play on the drumset during our many years in operation.

adult drummer learning drums
adult drum lessons online content

Our goal is for you to be independent.

Our lessons are structured to develop your basic knowledge and to speak the language of drums in the shortest time possible. Equipping you with this knowledge, we want you to be able to process the vast majority of information online effectively and allow you to learn independently at home, rather than swiping around your feed and struggling with random information that pops up.

no more electronic drums, experience playing on actual acoustic drumsets

playing on acoustic drums

leave that electronic drums where it should be, at home.

Electronic drums are great for home practice due to the lack of noise and the ease of access. We know it best as we retail over 20 different models of electronic drums across multiple brands, and we highly recommend them as home practice solutions.

That said, every drummer who has played enough would tell you the same thing – experiencing your beats come to live through an acoustic drumset is an experience that cannot be replaced. And that is our commitment to you.

Do You Have Problems Moving From Electronic To Acoustic Drums? Here’s Why

Through our years of teaching, we have helped corrected countless students that started learning on their own with electronic drums. Many of them think that electronic drums are a different instrument from acoustic drums, hence their inability to play acoustic drums right. That is far from the truth, they are in fact the same instrument and the cause of that inability is improper techniques.

Improper learning on electronic drums might require an “adjustment period” to replicate your skillsets to the acoustic drums due to the difference in volume (also known as dynamics) control, and rebound control. Improper striking techniques are also common, as many students get used to hitting the drum’s side (metal rim) instead of the drum head itself while learning through electronic drums. This is because electronic drums trigger a sound as long as the impact is made, even if not at the correct place.

wrong technique demonstration
professional soundproof walls for our rooms

We Commit Our Resources To Allow You To Play In A Carefree Environment

Although high end electronic drums and acoustic drums have a similar price point, the cost of the room required vastly differs. Due to the volume, acoustic drums require a soundproofed environment to avoid causing disturbance to your neighbors. Soundproofed wall are three times the cost of normal walls, and soundproofed doors are eight to ten times the cost of a normal door.

Our walls are four times thicker than the average wall, and our doors are proper STC rated soundproofed doors. All our rooms are also fitted with special ventilation systems to facilitate air flow (soundproofed rooms are air tight).

The perfect dream room for drummers, that is our commitment to you.

Experience the best drumset playing environment

With the Bose Experience

Having proper sound systems elevates your playing experience. The extra clarity from proper sound setups also ensures that you do not have to crank the volume every time you play with the songs and damage your ears.

We are one of the few schools in Singapore that invest in high end sound systems from Bose Professionals, to ensure a proper and comfortable playing experience for all our students.

Experience Live On StageShowcase Your Skills

Annual Recital Opportunities

Solo Performance

Perform in a solo act of your favorite songs


  • Audience: 80 – 100 pax
  • Songs: Self Selected
  • Preparation: 3 to 5 months

Group Piece

Perform with 3 to 5 students curated by our instructors


  • Audience: 80 – 100 pax
  • Songs: Self Selected
  • Preparation: 3 to 5 months

our rates

45 Mins Classes

  • 4 Lessons Each Month
  • 45 Mins Per Lesson

have a trial lesson with us

have a trial lesson with us

play your first beat, the right way

Our trial lesson teaches you proper fundamentals and building blocks to instantly understand basic materials. With a crash-course-like structure, you will be equipped with basic music knowledge, different techniques, and their pros and cons. This gives you a deeper understanding of future course materials and sets you on the right path to avoid unnecessary detours.

Assess your weaknesses and strengths

Our trial assessment goes both ways, our instructors are trained to assess your strengths and weaknesses through different checkpoints throughout the lesson. This allows us to comprehensively understand and craft your lesson plan accordingly, focusing on your strengths and improving your weaknesses to allow you to be a competent player quickly.

No commitment required

We believe in our product, and we will not pressure you to make a commitment. Take your time to make your decision after your trial lesson. Even if you don’t enroll afterward, knowing that you are now equipped with proper fundamental knowledge to kick off your journey is good enough for us.

find out why 8 out of 10 students enrol after their trial lesson with us

Hear From Our Students

As a mature student who had never picked up a set of drumsticks, I was unsure if I would have any ability. Wan was not daunted by the challenge! He is amazingly intuitive to a students abilities and has taken me on a journey over the last year of learning sheet music from day one and progressing me through my lessons. He is incredibly knowledgeable and uses his experience to diagnose where I struggle and how to make it simpler to learn without me giving up. I am grateful for his tutelage and to keep learning and progressing. Ronnie Vannucci here I come !! Thank you Wan.

Therese Sillars

Google Review

I have been taking lessons from Steph for about 9 months now and have been enjoying myself so far! I appreciate Steph’s patience in answering my questions and also providing me with feedback to help me improve. Always happy to be drumming 🙂

Hui Ming Yip

Google Review

Completed my 1 year of lessons at Drum Tannery.
My teacher Wan is an awesome teacher. He can listen even when I miss a single ghost note and prepares properly customised lessons to suit my needs. And sometimes even modifies the lessons midway through a lesson depending on what mistakes I am doing while attempting the lesson.

Had tried a few drum schools before. Drum Tannery, especially Wan is most impressive and well suited for me. Even my band mates have recognised my improvement in drum sounds.

All in all, I consider Wan as a thinking teacher with a keen listening ear.

Drummers at all levels should consider lessons from Drum Tannery, just don’t take my slot!

Rahul Barve

Google Review

I enjoy my weekly drum classes at Drum tannery! The drums are well tuned and very well maintained. My drum Instructor, Stephaine is very patient to go through the exercises and identify certain methods that I can use to help me in my drumming.

Learning drums as an adult can be intimidating but Stephaine has helped to make my drum lessons fun and exciting! I will highly recommend Drum tannery!

Eunice Lim

Google Review

I’ve been extremely happy with my lessons and I just wish I had started sooner! The studio was quick to respond to enquiries, and my teacher Syahmi is encouraging, clear and super patient in his instruction. He’s also a sick drummer and you can tell he just loves to play music. The second-hand joy he generates when he plays is infectious stuff; it’s impossible to leave a class not in a good mood yourself. The school itself has a proper structured syllabus that lets you progress at a measured pace. Each lesson is fun and I always leave feeling like my perspective has widened slightly. After each class, when I listen to music on my own I “hear” more, which imo is the sign of a great and lasting education. I think the school also lets students rent a room to practise in when it’s not in use if you don’t have your own drum set to practise on at home which is super useful. I’m very happy with DrumTannery. 10/10 highly recommend.

Joyce Khoo

Google Review

DrumTannery is a great place to learn drums. They have a comprehensive system with lots of methodical exercises. The studio in Marine Parade is well equipped and cosy. Highly recommend my teacher Syahmi – he was very patient, positive and thoughtful.

Lyubo M

Google Review

Unleash the drummer in you today