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Kids Drum Lessons

Let your child expand on his imagination and develop his creativity in music with our specialized kid’s drum lessons. We are one of the leading drum schools in Singapore equipped with kids’ drum lesson materials. All our instructors are trained to handle children and incubate their interests in a one-on-one lesson setting.

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Equip Your Child With The Language Of Music And Expression Through Our Kid’s Drum Lessons

Kids syllabus to guide their transition into standard materials

Children can learn fast. However, their lack of concentration is often why they cannot progress more effectively, especially with materials filled with multiple layers of information. With our specialized syllabus, we present simplified information to aid the kids understanding, ensuring their comprehension of the different information presented before slowly adding more layers to transition them to learning through the standard scores.

Our students are trained to be independent

Instead of a copy-and-do approach, we train our students to learn the language of music by guiding them to translate scores into rhythm and to hear them as sounds through our blended teaching approach. This allows them to learn independently without constant monitoring from parents/instructors in their own time and be equipped with the same language to develop their skill sets through the vast information available online today.

Lesson progression integrated through songs

Kids learn better through routines. Our unique approach to teaching children sets a routine around songs while integrating key lessons necessary for their progression. The songs will increase in difficulty over time, either through song choice or instructor modification/interpretation of the songs. This allows us to give our students the freedom to select their favorite songs and allows our students to know what to expect from their drum lessons, gradually building their confidence and independence in learning.

Routine learning is also vital for the kids to understand the necessary steps to take to achieve results, allowing them to take control of their learning and replicate the process at home.

Official Graded Exams From Trinity College London

Student’s attending our kid’s drum lessons have the option to prepare for official graded exams. Trinity College London is one of the recognized examination boards globally.
Instructors will assess the student’s capabilities to enroll and prepare your child for the grade that they are suitable for, for the most efficient results.

Exams gradings for drums range from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Students are allowed to jump grades according to their rate of progress.

Experience Live On StageShowcase Your Skills

Annual Recital Opportunities

Solo Performance

Perform in a solo act of your favorite songs


  • Audience: 80 – 100 pax
  • Songs: Self Selected
  • Preparation: 3 to 5 months

Group Piece

Perform with 3 to 5 students curated by our instructors


  • Audience: 80 – 100 pax
  • Songs: Self Selected
  • Preparation: 3 to 5 months

The Preferred Drum School In Singapore

  Other Music Schools DrumTannery
Challenging to develop strong drums focused program due to too many instruments offered
Strong and ever-evolving drums learning structure and environment
Consistency In Results
Heavily reliant on instructors personal expertise
Specialty schools allow us to effectively train our instructors to deliver high standards
Instructor Quality
Engages mostly part-time instructors
Consists of mostly full-timers with 120 hours of initial training and 30 hours of maintenance training annually in pedagogy and drumming development
Disruptive Pricing – Prices increases as you advance
Flat rate pricing allows you to stay with us your entire journey
Administrative Procedures
Schedule changes creates administrative headache for students
Dedicated portal for replacement lesson bookings at ease 24/7, with a 4 month validity period
Quality of Learning Environment
Uses electronic drums only, due to soundproofing concerns
Carefully selected locations and soundproofing to house un-muted acoustic drums for your best experience

Learn why 8 out 10 trial students enrol with us

Course Structure and Breakdown

Our Kids Drum Lesson focuses on incubating and developing their interest in drumsthrough building confidence from their increased competence. This allows them to understand the rewards of preservation, discipline, and delayed gratification through a fun and encouraging environment. 

The modules are for them to understand the basic fundamentals of playing, reading, and understanding drums at a pace that they are able to comprehend and, most importantly, absorb this information. Many of these topics and technicalities are streamlined to make learning more fun and enjoyable. When they are ready, we will transition them into our main syllabus (Teenager Program), where they will get into contract with full sheet music, vocabulary building, and creative development. 



Developing competency, confidence and interest is key in these modules. Please note that the instructors may or may not progress linearly, and might regress back to certain topics if your child is uncomfortable, before trying again at a later time, to attempt to balance between progress and interest in the craft. 

Typical progress for a child to get past these modules depends on their starting age; the pace will pick up according to the student’s age.

Typically, a 5yo would complete these modules between three to five years, while an 8-year-old might need just two to three years. 

Beginner Kids Lessons (Level 1)2024-05-13T04:31:20+00:00
  • Duration: One month to one year, depending on childs progress

  • Learning Objective: Develop your child into routine and equip skillsets to be confident in reading music and communicating in class

  • By completion: Equal skillset to a Grade 2 student

At this level, the goal is to allow your child to adapt to the learning process, structure, and environment through a routine based on the topics designed by our syllabus. One key topic that will revolve strongly around this stage is equipping your child with the necessary skillset and proper universal music terms and language for communicating with any music instructors they may encounter through their time in school in other enrichment classes. Proper and universal communication skills lead to less frustration and increased confidence through a better understanding of the materials provided, thus a higher learning efficiency.

This is also a critical stage of building a solid relationship with our instructors to develop trust and resilience as the topics get more challenging.

Grips, Identifying Instruments, Relating Rhythm To Music

  • Learn basic grip-holding pattern

  • Identifying each part of the drums for more accessible communication

  • Understand the relationship between rhythm and music

In this module, they will learn how to hold and hit with their sticks properly, the types of drums in a drum set, and the relationship and role a rhythm plays in music. This also sets the foundation for communication between them and the instructors. 

Basic Music Theory

  • Drumset scores are easier to read than piano scores

  • Specially designed materials and games for your child

  • Develop confidence in reading scores and reduce resistance in the future

  • Learn basic subdivisions like Quarter, Eighth and Sixteenth Notes

Drums are a great way to start your child off with reading notes, as the notations are relative to the positioning of the drums, and can be easily related. Compared to a piano music sheet, where the basic scale ranges from C to B (7 notes and positions on the score), drums focus on only 3 notes and positions, namely the bass, snare, and hi-hat.

We also have color-coded beginner modules and games that will help build confidence and reduce resistance to reading a music score.

They will also be learning terms and subdivisions like Quater Notes, Eighth Notes, and Sixteenth Notes, along with their applications in a score.

Beginner Drum Lessons in Singapore Material Sample

*Above is a sample of our easy to follow materials for children

Coordination and Music-Based Learning (Step 1)

  • Start learning with one basic beat at their comfortable pace

  • Choose from a range of songs to apply the beat

  • Our instructors are trained to provide space and time for your child’s learning progress

  • Instructors might increase or decrease difficulty based on child’s progress and resistance

We understand that children need more time to process and understand new things, even more so for coordination work they have never done before. Our instructors are trained to provide step-by-step instructions and work with the space and time your child needs to acquire these skill sets. The advantage of our one-to-one drum lessons is that the instructors can ramp up or down the difficulty based on your child’s progress and resistance. 

They will first focus on learning simple beats before choosing from our list of simple beginner songs to apply those beats. 

Movement Around The Drumset

  • Channeling their energy and urge to hit all the drums in a more progressive manner

  • Learning how different tones of the drums can apply to different parts in a song

The natural reaction for most kids, and even adults when first sitting on a drumset, is to move around the drumset and hit everything they see quickly. 

Once they are able to play a simple beat, we will guide them to channel that energy in a more fruitful and controlled manner by adding different fill-ins between the beats, using crashes and ride cymbals, and “coloring” the songs that they are learning.   

Understanding Routine And Repetition In Mastering A Craft

  • Building confidence through incremental goals

  • Settling your child in a proper learning routine

  • Develop trust between your child and their instructors

A large part of learning a new craft is about repetition and routines. This module aims to set the expectations and guide your child in understanding how repetition allows them to get better while balancing the frustration they might find in the process, through a constant routine with a definite goal. 

Each exercise their instructor provides will have a definite and incremental goal your child aims toward. Through this, they will slowly understand how a proper learning process helps them achieve competency. This will also help build their confidence and trust in their instructors, as they know what to expect and what they can achieve when they follow proper learning processes. 

Beginner Kids Lessons (Level 2)2024-05-13T04:32:42+00:00
  • Duration: One to Three years, depending on child’s progress

  • Learning Objective: Building vocabulary and competency

  • By completion: Equal skillset to a Grade 5 student

At this stage, your child will be comfortable in a routine with their instructors. This is where we can guide your child to learn to process more information and slowly increase the difficulties through song-based learning. Your child may also request for songs, and their instructors will assess whether the song that they have chosen is suitable for their current development and whether we can modify the song to fit their subsequent development pathway.

Music Theory

  • Your child should already have a comprehensive understanding of basic theory at this point

  • Learn terms and definitions in standard music scores, universal throughout all instruments.

  • Learning full score sheet, or preparation for examinations

Your child will already understand reading, spaces between notes, and identifying and learning beats through a score. At this point, we will introduce full music sheets, with them learning the proper terms in a standard music score, like repeat signs, alternate ending signs, and jump signs. This will prepare them to read full music sheets in any instrument and, if they choose to, for examinations.

Here at DrumTannery, we partner with Trinity College London, a world-renowned music institution, to provide gradings for your child. These grades are internationally and locally recognized in schools in Singapore.

Click here to find out more

Coordination And Music-Based Learning (Step 2)

  • Learn how to shift in between beats in a single song
  • Understand using subtle addition of beats to make their beats more dynamic in a song setting

  • Exposure to different musical styles 

  • Drastic increment in Song vocabulary

Once your child has competency for several beats and several songs, we will proceed to increase the difficulty in the beats and fill-ins in a progressive manner. They will also learn how to change between beats in a single song and use subtle fill-ins to improve the dynamics of their playing. 

They will also be exposed to different music styles, such as jazz, reggae, blues, country, and rock. This will also be the time when their vocabulary in beats, fill-ins, and, most importantly, songs will get enhanced. 

*Above is a sample of our easy to follow materials for children

Intermediate Fill-Ins

  • Introduction of fundamentals in advanced concepts

  • Preparation for them to understand terms used when they advance

We will also introduce some advanced concepts in this stage, integrated with songs to prepare them for the transition into our full-fledged materials. These will give them a basic understanding of the terms and start some essential work on the topics they can work on when they are ready. Some examples are linear patterns, odd-time signatures, and time feel manipulation (making the song seem faster or slower by shifting specific notes). 

Upon completion of all modules in our transitional learning path, your child should be sufficiently equipped and ready to move on to be integrated into our Teenager program (regardless of age) for a more technical and comprehensive pathway to becoming an advanced drummer!

IMPORTANT: There would not be a change of instructor even if your child transits to our next phase of training program, all our instructors are trained and equipped to handle both kids and adult students, beginners to advanced. 

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  • 30 Mins Per Lesson
  • Prices Are Fixed Even When You Advance

45 Mins Classes

  • 12 Lessons Each Term
  • 45 Mins Per Lesson
  • Prices Are Fixed Even When You Advance

have a trial lesson with us

have a trial lesson with us

Preserve Your childs interest

While most trial lessons focus on providing a fun time for the children while learning a beat as quickly as possible, it is often not what they will meet with when they first start their lessons, as learning of any sort will be met with challenges, especially in the initial phase. This dramatically impacts the student’s interest as their expectations are mismatched with the reality of the situation.

set their foundations right

Our unique approach aims to provide the necessary foundations and a glimpse of how future lessons are conducted instead. This allows the students to have much more realistic expectations of their learning journey as a drummer, resulting in a better retention of interest.

assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Most importantly, through our approach, instructors can accurately assess the student’s learning progress, understanding strengths and weaknesses through their performance in the trial class. This allows the instructors to be better prepared in developing a lesson plan which suits each student individually, playing on their strengths and working on their weaknesses from the onset.

find out why 8 out of 10 students enrol after their trial lesson with us

Hear From Our Students

My child has been learning Drums from Dane since she was 5 years old … It has been 4 years and not only has she improved tremendously in her drumming skills and knowledge, she enjoys her lessons every time. I highly recommend anyone keen to pursue drum playing to sign up with DrumTannery!

Bets Chia

Google Review

Dane is a really great drum teacher and knows how to handle younger children. My 5 yo son really enjoys his drum lessons. Dane’s teaching method is clear and understandable for my son. Definitely would recommend DrumTannery 🙂

Sheyla Tan

Google Review

I was recommended by my friend from the beginning..and i made the right choice by signing up..their teacher was really son and i really enjoy his teaching. He is very patient with me and try various ways to teach me despite im not so good with coordination. My son like the teacher teaching and he has progress further than me now..

The admin staff who helped me also very good..they assist my situation appropriately..i appreciate their help as always

Andy Chin

Food Lover

Our 6yo loves his lessons with his teacher. He says the teacher breaks down difficult rhythms for him to play, and makes it fun for him to learn.

Naho Udagawa (Genta)

Google Review

teacher was vv patient and teaches at a pace the student is comfortable with. rly fun to b ard! admin side was also v professional w prompt replies and lesson venue was clean and neat. wld recommend!


Google Review

Trainer is patient and knowledgeable, he is consistent when teaching my son. Overall great experience with them thank you!!

Valdy De Silva

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