End of Year 2020 Updates

It’s been a long year with lots of mixed feelings for everyone. With the impact of COVID 19, we were forced to shelf our plans for the year and instead pivoted our direction to allow us to manage this crisis better. Although having an initial grim outlook this year, we achieved more than we imagined. This is all possible only with the support of students, instructors, staff, families, and friends.

We have really exciting news in the coming weeks, including our launch of new educational content. We collaborated with Verta Collective,  and other friends from the industry to bring you this new series, so stay tuned to this page for more information!

With the disruption due to Covid 19, Students have been concerned about their Trinity Examinations. We will be addressing those issues in this announcement, so please scroll down to learn more!

Please also feel free to let us know if you have any content you wish to see regarding all aspects of drumming!


Trinity Examinations Dec 2020 Announcement

With the COVID 19 situation, students taking part in the trinity examination would participate in the online e-assessment (similar to our previous June batch of candidates) instead of a full physical examination. There are also changes regarding the administrative aspects of the examinations.

Students are now allowed to select submission periods ranging from 30 Nov 2020 to 22 Mar 2021. Your Instructors will be arranging the submission period for students who are already registered, based on your current progress.

Trinity June 2020 results

We are glad to announce that we have again maintained our 100% all-time passing rate. Congratulations to all students who have worked hard for this achievement. Keep up the excellent work! Your instructors will be contacting you in regards to your results and certificate collection details.

Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.

Trinity Upcoming 2021 Exam Registration

For students interested in the upcoming examinations for June 2021, please check with your Instructors regarding the exam registration opening.

Please check TCM examinations for further updates on the new candidates’ registration or check Trinity college London for more information about their new digital assessment platform.

Bozzworkz Practice Studios

We have received several inquiries from our students regarding the Bozzworkz Practice Studio booking process and payment methods, including pricing.
Thanks to the partnership with Bozzworkz studios, we are glad to inform you that all DrumTannery students can receive special rates for practicing at;
$12/hour (Regular $15/hour)
$100/month (for unlimited practice hours) (Regular $120/month)

Booking procedures are as follows,

1) Talk to your instructors and obtain the special promo code, go to www.bozzworkz.com
2) Select your desired room that you wish to practice in at that available time slots
3) Fill in your information, enter the special promo code and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation email with the password of the room in it. All you need to do is head over to your allotted timeslot, key in the PIN, and start practicing!
4) For payment wise, you can Paylah/Paynow to Jenson (Bozzworkz) at 9747 1588