Exam Info

Our range of courses aims to provide flexibility and customization to help our students achieve their goals, if taking drum grading is one of your targeted goals, we are fully equipped to help you achieve that. Contact us to find out more on how we can incorporate exam grading into your syllabus.

Exam Integrated Option

If you are looking to acquire grading for yourself or for your child, we offer drum graded exam preparation options to be included in our courses as well. For those considering taking up grading in drums, feel free to consult us on our opinions and how we can best help you achieve your goals. Our grading option is non-compulsory and can be added to your course at any point of time with no additional cost (excluding exam registration and exam fees).

Our preferred exam board of choice is Trinity College London

Preferred Exam Board

Trinity College London has been a leading exam board since 1877. They specialize in providing grading for a wide variety of art forms and are well acknowledged internationally. Trinity offers 2 different kind of of structure for drums, Trinity College exam and Trinity Rock and Pop. Examinations will be held at Chinese Swimming Club at the official examination venue. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the graded examinations.

Or visit TCM Exams (Singapore’s representative for Trinity College London) at https://www.tcmexams.com/

Or Visit Trinity College London themselves at https://www.trinitycollege.com/ for more information