Terms and Conditions

The following details the Terms and Conditions regarding our Drum Lesson Services. Please contact us should you need any clarification.

Definitions of terms used in this documents as follows:

The School: DrumTannery’s Management of each branch. Please note that individual instructors might not necessarily be part of DrumTannery’s management team. Please visit our webpage for the proper channels of communication.

Your Instructor(s) – DrumTannery Instructor assigned to you for your weekly drum lessons.

School Calendar – DrumTannery’s internal school calendar. Please visit our webpage for more details.

Student(s) – The enrolled student/ parent or legal guardian (if the student is under 18) as stated on the application form filled up upon enrolment. 

Waiting List – The waiting list for new enrolments/inquiries.

Allocated Schedule – Fixed weekly lesson schedule (day and time), agreed upon by the Student and The School upon enrolment. The Allocated Schedule can be changed with The School’s approval.

Make-Up Lesson(s) – Replacement lesson for lessons missed.

Peak/Non-Peak Hours – Peak hours to be defined as Mon to Fri after 5 pm, Sat and Sun Full Day. Non-Peak hours will be from Mon to Fri 11 am to 5 pm.


1) All prices are quoted on an assumption of four lessons per month (weekly) in your Allocated Schedule. Fees will be adjusted accordingly for months with five weeks or three weeks (e.g., Public holidays or school closure days). Please check our School Calendar for more information on the billing for each month of the year or the invoice provided each month (refer to clause 2) for the exact amount payable.

1.1) Fees adjustment based on our School Calendar (i.e., clause 1) is fixed and not optional.

2) All fees are due and payable on the first of every month. The School will send the invoice to the Student’s email address that has been provided upon registration, on the 25th of the preceding month. A late payment fee of $20 will be chargeable to the Student’s invoice if payment for that month is not made within 14 days from the due date.

2.1) Students will be terminated if the invoice (i.e., clause 2) is not paid by the 25th of the month, and The School reserves the right to open up your Allocated Schedule to the public.

Cancellation of Lessons

3) Cancellation of any lessons can be made via notifying Your Instructor or The School. Students must request at least 24 hours before the affected lesson. Your Instructor will then arrange with you your Make-Up Lesson schedule.

4) Last-minute cancellations (less than 24-hour notice) will result in forfeiture of the lesson. Students may wish to appeal to reinstate the lesson via our appeal form on our webpage.

5) In case of cancellation of lessons due to Your Instructor’s unavailability (e.g., MC, Leave), Your Instructor will arrange the Make-Up Lesson with you accordingly. The Make-Up Lesson deadline (i.e., clause 7) will also be extended accordingly, determined by The School.

Lesson Completion

6) Make-up Lessons are subjected to Your Instructor’s availability and are not replaceable with your weekly Allocated Schedule.

7) All lessons, including Make-up Lessons, must be completed by the end of the fifth week from the invoice date. Students may wish to appeal to extend the deadline via our appeal form on our webpage.

Temporary Cessation of Lessons

8) Students may request a temporary cessation of lessons; please submit your request to The School along with your reason and supporting documents. Upon acceptance of the request, The School will remove you from your Allocated Schedule. Re-enrolment will be required and treated as a new applicant, subject to the Waiting List (if applicable).

9) Students may request for The School to retain their Allocated Schedule in their absence by paying a holding fee of $15/lesson for Non-Peak hours or $20/ lesson for Peak hours.

Termination of Lessons

10) Termination of lessons and this agreement must be notified to The School 30 days in advance of the termination date.

All Rights

11) The School reserves all rights to amend any clauses stipulated in this agreement, including but not limited to – addition/removal of any clause, fees adjustments, as it deems fit.
12) All decisions made by The School are final in case of disputes.