Where to Practice on Acoustic Drums

Not everyone has or want a Drumset at home, it could be due to space constraints, budget issues, commitment issues, or anything under the sun, but this should not deter you from practicing if you are looking to be a good drummer. If you have read the articles that we released so far, you will know that there are so many different exercises that you could do even without a Drumset. Exercises like pad work, mental work, theory, and understanding the fundamentals are all valuable to your collective practice as a drummer. However, as we have pointed out during our last article, you will still need to go clock in your hours on the acoustic drums (yes, even if you have an electronic one at home). Once you recognize and embrace this fact, the biggest hurdle next would be to find a place near you that rents out drum practice rooms. It seems like a reasonably rare service to find, but it is all around you – if you know where to look. Today we will be showing you all the possible places you can find an acoustic Drumset practice room – and yes, it is all around Singapore.


Dedicated Drum Practice Rooms

The most obvious place to look would be one of these. These spaces are there for the sole purpose of – you guessed it – drum practicing. There are a recognized need and demand for drum practice space due to the living environment in Singapore. With a dedicated space like this, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or police coming to knock on your door. You can practice to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, currently, there is only one studio in Singapore that is for drummers and drummers only. Enter Bozzworkz – this one of a kind practice space offers 11 rooms segregated for all drumming needs. They have rooms with one drumset each for solo practice, and they also have rooms with two drum sets if you are looking to have a good time with your buddy. The rooms feature speakers (selected rooms), fans, full volume acoustic kit, ear muffs, drum keys, and yes, even drum sticks! You can go there empty-handed between lunch or after work to get a good couple of hours of quality practice. You can even book exclusive monthly access and put in your own personal drum kit!

Unfortunately, there is only one branch available – located Parklane Shopping Mall – just 5 mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Room packages available are – regular per hour usage, monthly unlimited access (yes, you heard right), and exclusive access package. The best part is that they are open 24/7!!

Prices are as follows:

Single Drumset room – $15 per hour

Dual Drumset room – $20 to $40 per hour

Monthly unlimited package – $120 to $200 per month

Exclusive access – $480 per month

How to book – Go to www.bozzworkz.com and choose your desired room and make payment using the web page’s directions. You will receive an access code once your booking is confirmed (almost immediately). Go to your selected room during your booking time and enter the access code to the door. Voila! Practice to your heart’s content and leave once your time is up.

Good news for all DrumTannery students! We understand this need for all students to find a proper practice space. Hence we work together with Bozzworkz to provide a discounted rate for all students. Contact us or talk to your instructors for more information!

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Rehearsal (Jamming) Studio

So Bozzworkz is a little far from you, and you don’t work in the town area at all, you probably want to look for someplace closer to home. Fret not; we have tons of recommendations.

Your next option would be to look for rehearsal spaces or jamming studios. These businesses are all over Singapore and are the backbone of the music industry. These rehearsal studios are meant for musicians to get together to rehearse or practice their craft. The price range for these studios varies widely, from $15 to $40 per hour. Many people don’t know that when you book your room at these studios, you can request for drums only usage and get a cheaper rate! Not all studios offer this special rate, and most often, those who don’t openly advertise it, so make sure you check when you are booking these places!

Some of our top choices for jamming studios (for their drumset, obviously) are as follows:

Trinity Music Studio

Located in Kovan, Trinity music studios has a very (very) well-maintained drum kit with top of the line cymbals. They have speakers in their rooms provided, along with drum keys and drumsticks. All you have to do is head over, plug your phone (or any device) into their mixers via aux cable, and your all set!


Individual practice – $15/hour

How to book:

Go to trinitymusicstudio.com. Fill up the form and wait to receive the access code after making payment, head down to the studio at your allotted time, and voila!

Tone house

This humongous space is a dream for all drummers, featuring a full Sonor set and floor space big enough for you to roll around three times and more. This rehearsal space has been the go-to for many of our professional musician friends for rehearsals and even live streaming. Full acoustic drums, drum keys, and drumsticks are all provided. You can find Tonehouse at Parklane Shopping Mall.


Rates start from 11.90 per 30 mins.

How to book

Go to their webpage at tonehouse.sg. Fill up the booking form and turn up at your allotted slot!

Music Parlour

Tucked away in a nice comfy corner of Peninsula Shopping Centre, this well-decorated studio offers three different rooms of different sizes to cater to your every need. You have your standard PA systems, fully equipped drumset, drum key, and drum sticks available in each studio.


Rates start at $15 per hour.

How to book

Go to themusicparlour.com.sg, fill-up the form, wait for their confirmation and turn up at your allotted slot!

Don’t worry if none of these studios that we recommended are near your place.

Check out this website for a list of studios all around Singapore!

Music Schools

The places that we have recommended so far should be sufficient to provide you with no excuse not to practice on an acoustic kit, but let’s say it still doesn’t work for you. We have one final recommendation – music schools. Many of you might not know that the one service that you are looking for is just right in front of you. There are so many music schools around Singapore that there is practically one (or more) in your area.

Most people do not know that a lot of music schools offer practice rooms services for the timeslots that are not utilized, even to the public. Don’t be afraid to walk up to the closest music school (those offering drum lessons, of course) around you and enquire about this service. One of the music schools that we know of that offers this service is Music Delight School, located in White sands shopping mall.

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With all of these options, now you have no excuses not to practice. There is definitely a drum studio,  rehearsal studio, or a music school around you that offer such services. However, when you head into the studio, practice time is scarce. Make sure you prepare yourself for what to do when you go in! Check out this article to segregate your practice time properly!